Diagnosis and treament planning

Using a variety of services below, including study models and a detailed questionnaire, we work together to devise the best dental treatment plan to save your teeth.

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry

Including teeth whitening, colour restoration, veneers, crowns, bridges and implants.

General restorative dentistry

Including composite or tooth-coloured fillings and endodontics.

Preventative dentistry

Including scaling and polishing, fissure sealants and minimally invasive fillings.

Laser treatments

Laser dentistry is used for teeth whitening, root canal treatments, soft tissue and gum surgery, as well as pain relief, treatment of scars and muscle relaxation. It promotes rapid healing in a sterile environment. Low-level laser therapy – photobiomodulation – can help to relax strained muscles, stimulate cellular activity and promote healing.

Removable prosthodontics

Including full dentures and acrylic or metal partial dentures.


We offer both surgical and non-surgical extraction services.

Teeth whitening

Discoloured teeth are whitened by using a laser-activated gel, which has been clinically proven to be safe for enamel.

Tooth-coloured restorations

White resin fillings are placed in teeth once all the decay has been removed, replacing the outdated silver amalgam fillings. The replacement of old, leaking or discoloured fillings with resin-bonded restorations can be discussed during consultation.


Porcelain or composite veneers are very thin coverings that are able to restore a natural-looking smile with minimal tooth removal. This approach conserves as much of the natural, healthy tooth as possible.


Porcelain, metal-free crowns are made when the tooth is heavily restored, offering a superior long-term prognosis for the affected teeth. These offer the benefits of being aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally strong and very hard-wearing.


These are generally made by joining three crowns, where the middle, absent tooth is supported by two adjoining crowns placed on your own teeth.


Implants offer an alternative to bridges for replacing missing teeth, particularly for those who wish to avoid drilling into healthy teeth. A titanium implant is placed into the bone, and once healed, a crown is fitted onto this implant.


When a tooth has long-standing decay, the nerve may become affected, resulting in pain for the patient. In these cases, the only available option is to treat the tooth by removing the nerve through root canal treatment. This is a detailed and intricate procedure, requiring a longer appointment, and we view it as a last attempt to save a tooth.


Any condition involving the gums will fall under this category. As inflammation is the cornerstone of all diseases in the body, maintaining healthy gums is vital to saving your teeth. Furthermore, there are links being established between inflammatory diseases in the body and periodontal disease – another reason to keep your gums and teeth healthy.


This includes the treatment of all dental conditions in children.

Digital imaging and radiography

We make use of digital before-and-after photographs, as well as digital X-rays, whose benefits include reduced exposure to radiation. We also offer 2D panoramic radiographs and 3D radiographic imaging. This cutting-edge technology allows us to provide a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Nitrous oxide sedation

Also known as laughing gas, this method is very popular with patients, having been shown to improve patient comfort and reduce anxiety and stress.